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  • Company Name: Logit Ltd.

  • Address: Granice 8, HR-10000 Zagreb
    Croatia, EU

  • Phone: +385 1 377 3062


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We Believe That You Build a Profitable Agency By Organizing It Well First.

That's why we've built Simpfinity, a software tool that helps we agencies organize their sales, project management and support business processes.

Simpfinity is a product of logIT, a digital agency from Croatia, EU. Our story begins in 2002 when we founded a small custom web design and web development company. In our career we've built hundreds of websites and web applications for hundreds of clients. We've experienced first hand what happens when your business grows and when your small web studio transforms into a full service digital agency with distinctive sales, development and client support departments.

In 2010 we've built the Simpfinity app to help manage our digital agency's growing daily workload. We needed one central app for our sales, project management and client support. We've been using it ever since.

Now we're turning Simpfinity into a product which other digital agency owners can use to run their own businesses.

Today we're busy doing two things:

  • building Simpfinity
  • providing consulting to our existing clients

Simpfinity Core Team: Together Since 2007

Daniel Maratovic

Daniel Maratovic

Co-Founder, Account Manager

In charge of organizing customer support.

Sasha Matijasic

Sasha Matijasic

Co-Founder, Developer

In charge of product and software development.

Marko Radelic

Marko Radelic

Co-Founder, Marketer

In charge of advertising.

Visnja Zeljeznjak

Visnja Zeljeznjak

Co-Founder, Writer

In charge of content and marketing.

Simpfinity HQ: Zagreb, Croatia, EU