Never struggle with making payroll in your web agency again.

It’s that time of the month again: making payroll. Just like so many months before this one, you have no idea where exactly is your next paycheck coming from. As a website development business owner, you are already doing your best to land new clients, collect payments from past projects and finish due work so that you and your employees could get paid. The mental pressure of starting from scratch each month and having to land enough new projects to feed your team takes its heavy toll. Sometimes your best seems like not enough.

Recurring revenue services are an elegant solution to your concerns. We wrote a book to help you create them, fast.

This book is a practical guide to planning, building, implementing, selling, marketing and organizing your recurring revenue services. You will learn how to monetize your support and maintenance services as well as your services which grow your clients' businesses. The book is chock-full of real-life examples, resources and tips which will save you many hours of frustration and confusion.

Recurring Revenue for Web Agencies: The Book

The book "Recurring Revenue For Web Agencies" is ready for download.

To a creative services company, recurring revenue is the holy grail. Imagine money appearing in your company bank account every month or every year without perpetual worry and constant struggle. Imagine not having to depend on money coming from new projects. Imagine spending your work days doing your most creative work for awesome, well-paying clients who love everything you do for them. Imagine watching some of your toughest business problems fade away and completely disappear.

"I think the book is great! There is generally not much information out there on running a web agency so I think this book covers a very important aspect that many could get wrong, such as charging for support, and other ways to create recurring revenue."

Alexandru, web developer at

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How valuable is the information in this book?

How much would the following be valuable to you if you made it a reality?

  • It’s so valuable, that we were able to stop accepting new clients and focused on existing clients only. The results was that we considerably grew our expertise in digital marketing that we continued to offer to our existing clients.

  • It’s so valuable, that we were able to afford to hire a new person to work on client projects.

  • It’s so valuable that, since we adopted the “recurring revenue first” business model, we became more profitable and happier than ever before in our professional careers.

  • It’ so valuable, that our agency was able to afford to start working on a new product business. At one point, we assigned our only developer and our most experienced marketer to work on the product almost full time. We dabbled in product business before - twice - but without recurring revenue we had to stop.

If recurring revenue is so awesome, how come so many web agencies don’t have any?

Because fear and lack of resources, time, energy, experience and know-how is what keeps most web agencies from creating their own recurring revenue streams. Web agency owners aren’t usually aware which of their problems they could easily solve with recurring revenue and because of that lack of awareness, they choose not to act.

Luckily you’ve stumbled upon this book - a complete guide to making you aware of the benefits of recurring revenue. This awareness will help you master the subject. Fresh ideas and new knowledge that the book contains will infuse you with self-confidence that you can complete the needed transformation to a web agency which is financed by recurring revenue streams. The book’s many practical examples, resources and tips on planning, building, implementing, selling, marketing and organizing your recurring revenue services will help you build and sell your services faster.

As an owner of a web agency myself, I walked my own long path starting as an inexperienced web design company with zero recurring revenue. This book is the missing hands-on manual that I wish I had when I co-founded my agency in 2002. It took me years of trial, error, tears and sweat to realize that recurring revenue was the solution to so many of my agency’s struggles. And after I finally made a decision to focus on building recurring revenue, it took me another twelve months to build all the necessary services and resources to the point where I could start selling them. Stuff happens, you know. Six months after that, our annual recurring revenue increased 35%. Today, our monthly business expenses are almost fully financed by some form of recurring revenue. I have condensed all my experience into this book so that you could skip years of indecision and months of work, trial and error.

Visnja Zeljeznjak, Author About Me

Table of contents (the book is 60% complete at 100 pages)

The parts that are finished are marked bold.

  1. Why Recurring Revenue
  2. Sources of Recurring Revenue Streams (Good Sources, Bad Sources)
  3. Support and Maintenance Services (Build, Sell, Promote, Organize Delivery, Renew)
  4. Growth-Oriented Services (Build, Sell, Promote, Organize Delivery, Renew)
  5. Conclusion
  6. About the Author
  7. Appendixes
Recurring Revenue for Web Agencies

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YES! is the answer to all of the following questions:

  • I want to learn how to build my service plans. Does the book talk about that?
  • Will you explain to me what exactly am I losing out on by not having any recurring revenue in my agency?
  • Will I read about which types of services are good candidates for recurring revenue?
  • Will you tell which recurring revenue streams are damaging to my web agency so that I could avoid them?
  • Will I learn exactly how to price my recurring revenue services? 
  • Will you help me avoid common pitfalls which inexperienced entrepreneurs make when they’re building their recurring revenue streams for the first time?
  • Will you teach me how to sell my recurring revenue services?
  • Will I find out what how to sell recurring revenue services to my regular customers and what exactly do I say to them?
  • Will you show me specific examples of what to put in my service contract?
  • Will you teach me how to organize my business around recurring revenue services so that I can build a sustainable web agency?
  • Will this book save me tremendous amounts of time, money and energy and guide me in the right direction so that I have more free time to do whatever I want to do with my life?

Did I fail to answer any of your burning questions? Contact me and I will be delighted to hear from you. I reply to all the emails I get. If you allow me, I might even include the answer to your question in the book. That’s the beauty of lean publishing: you, the reader, get to decide what kind of a book I will create.

Visnja Zeljeznjak, Author About Me

This practical book saves you months of indecision and hard work.

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