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Nothing Is Urgent. That's Why Our Task Management App Has No 'Priority' Feature

Nothing Is Urgent. That's Why Our Task Management App Has No 'Priority' Feature

99,99% of all tasks that our web development business had to perform for our clients were not urgent. And when something is urgent, the human instinct is to react and fix it before attempting to manage the data about urgency first. That's how humans function. The best software supports natural human behavior.

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Some examples of urgent situations are: a nuclear power plant melting down; catching a falling glass of wine before it hits your expensive Persian carpet; stepping on the break before you run over a cat on the street. 

Are you a CEO of a melting nuclear power plant? Even if you were, would your first instinct be to write a ticket to a colleague with the parameter "URGENT"?

Of course it wouldn't. People don't handle urgent matters by writing tickets with "Priority" set to "URGENT"or "Level 7" or "Level 1". When you need someone's immediate attention, you storm their office or you pick up your phone and call them. Everything else - every other ticket or work unit or actionable item - can wait, and in fact does wait in the ticketing system. We handle urgent activities by fixing them and writing the report into the system post mortem.

We designed our web development process and our process management software tools by observing human behavior in real life. Our business tasks always had only two levels of urgency: 1) tasks that are so urgent that you'd be foolish to waste time to write a ticket for them first and 2) all other tasks.

What did we gain by completely ignoring the "Priority"parameter? Well, fewer urgencies means there is less stress for our team, less time wasted on programming needless features for our ticket management app and less clutter in the application interface for users. Fewer combo boxes translate to less time spent on dealing with the interface every day. We work with dozens of tickets daily, repeatedly: two seconds saved on just one feature which you would otherwise have to click several times a day means more work satisfaction and more time to focus on productive and profitable work. The best business tools are the ones you don't actually notice you're using.

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