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Client is offering me business partnership in exchange for my web development skills. Should I accept?

"One of my customers, who is currently doing well on Amazon (more than $10,000 per month in sales), wants to create his own website. He asked me if I'm interested taking over the whole website not just as a project, but as a long term partner, which means, I will do whatever I think will benefit the website in programming, design, and maintenance. He asked me if I want to do it with a fixed rate monthly or a profit share in revenue. Looks like he wants me treat the website as my own business, and invest as much as possible to bring more potential in this eCommerce business. Have anyone had experience like this?"

chightech asked this on Sitepoint forums.

Our answer

We’ve had a number of potential clients, even the ones who just met us, ask us this question. We were offered shares in the future company, free advertising, partnerships, profit sharing - just to name a few of the ‘benefits’ we were offered.

’Opportunities’ like this one are a trap. The owner of the business cannot afford to hire a web developer or pay for custom software development. If he could, he would not ask a freelancer who builds his website to become his business partner. The other person only wants you for your hard work.

Other than that, you’re a professional. You already have a business. You’re either a freelancer or a small team or a web studio or a web agency. If you accept to work on your client’s business, your own will suffer. You’ll have to give one business up. Are you ready to give up your business right now and let a stranger have a say in your destiny?

Treat every business partnership like a marriage. Would you marry a person without dating her for a longer period of time? Would you welcome every person who earns a salary of $10,000 a month into your home and into your life?

Say ‘no, thank you, I already have a business’ and move on.

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Q: Client is offering business partnership if I build his website. Should I accept? Our A: webdev luckyisgood, returnnull