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Client is offering me business partnership in exchange for my web development skills. Should I accept?

"One of my customers, who is currently doing well on Amazon (more than $10,000 per month in sales), wants to create his own website. He asked me if I'm interested taking over the whole website not just as a project, but as a long term partner, which means, I will do whatever I think will benefit the website in programming, design, and maintenance. He asked me if I want to do it with a fixed rate monthly or a profit share in revenue. Looks like he wants me treat the website as my own business, and invest as much as possible to bring more potential in this eCommerce business. Have anyone had experience like this?"

Strategy for gaining remote clients

"I am seeking advice on finding clients who are not in your area of work. A few of my ideas that I have come up with is using listings that are in desired prospects' area's and writing emails/cold calling, using Facebook advertising to reach. I would prefer not to resort to using websites like I am just curious as to what others have done and found to be successful."

How are you growing your freelance work?

"Lets put aside client referrals... What are you doing to grow your freelance work? 1) Identify wealthy towns/cities near me and visit their towns Chamber of Commerce Business Directory. I go through the listing and quickly review each businesses website and then send them an email introducing myself, how I found their site and offer suggestions on how to improve their website, design, functionality, eCommerce, etc. 2) Networking events. What works for you? #1 is really time consuming and difficult."