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Simpfinity's First Book: Recurring Revenue for Web Agencies

Simpfinity's First Book: Recurring Revenue for Web Agencies

"Recurring Revenue for Web Agencies" is our first book about the business of website development. It's about creating profitable sources of recurring revenue and it's aimed at web agency owners and web professionals. This in-progress book is available for purchase right now on

Available For Immediate Download

Recurring Revenue for Web Agencies: The Book

We have exciting news for you: we have published our first book! It’s called “Recurring Revenue for Web Agencies”. It’s a definitive guide to building profitable recurring revenue services in your website development business.

The book is available for immediate download in various digital formats: PDF, EPUB (for iPad, iPhone, iBooks, Android, and other ebook readers) and .MOBI (for Kindle). a FREE sample is also available to read online or download as a PDF.

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Why Is Recurring Revenue Important For Web Professionals?

Has your agency ever experienced feast and famine cycles? You know what I mean: there’s abundant cash now because you’ve just landed a great new client. But the next month you’re back to square one and if you don’t find a new client, you won’t be able to pay all your business expenses. There will be months when you just won’t be able to control what happens in your business. What happens if the economy crashes? What if you get really sick? What if an important client fails to pay you on time? What happens if you have to spend serious money on unpredictable business expenses? What if you have to hire new people but can’t really afford to?

Wouldn’t it be great if your business had some sort of a safety net? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew where your next paycheck is coming from? How much more creative would you be if you didn’t have to worry so much?

Recurring revenue is that safety net, but it won’t appear beneath you automagically. Recurring revenue is carefully planned, implemented, sold and marketed and this book shows you exactly how you can do it.

This Book Will Save You Years of Indecision and Months of Work, Trial and Error

The book starts with an extensive explanation WHY recurring revenue is important and what are the consequences of not having any. Because so few agencies create recurring revenue streams, we thought that it was important to inspire and motivate readers to take action as soon as possible. If only this book existed when we needed motivation and a good kick in the butt to get moving.

We’re web agency owners ourselves and it took us years before we figured out that it’s too damn hard to build a profitable business without recurring revenue. Our professional life used to be a constant monthly struggle to make payroll, pay all our business expenses and find enough free time to work on growing our web agency. The mental pressure of starting from scratch each month and having to land enough new projects to feed the team was taking its heavy toll on us owners. 

After we finally made a decision to focus on building recurring revenue, it took us another twelve months to build all the necessary services and resources to the point where we could start selling them. Six months after we did start, our agency’s annual recurring revenue increased 35%. Today, our agency’s monthly business expenses are almost fully financed by some form of recurring revenue.

Book Contents

The book teaches you how to build recurring revenue streams from two principal sources:

  1. your support and maintenance services
  2. your services for growing your clients’ businesses

The book starts with WHY, continues with WHAT and ends with HOW to build, sell, promote, organize and renew your recurring revenue streams. 

The book is rich in examples and stories of tried-and-true personal experiences in building recurring revenue for our own web agency.

Originally, we wrote one third of the book - the part about creating a support and maintenance contract service - as an exclusive six-part series for our email newsletter. This means that our subscribers got to read some of the chapters for free when we first published them. Here’s what Jeff King, one of our subscribers, has to say about our newsletter articles:

”Out of all the newsletters I subscribe to, yours has quickly become the one I look forward to the most and the one that provides the most value."

That’s our goal with our books: to provide you with a ton of value so that you wouldn’t have to waste months implementing important business decisions which shouldn’t wait.

A Note on Lean Publishing

We’ve published our book with Leanpub stands for lean publishing. Our book is not finished yet; it’s 60% complete and contains 100 pages at the moment. The lean publishing way has many benefits. It enables authors to show their work early, similar to how software developers release their software before they’ve had the chance to implement all the planned features. Lean publishing enables you as the reader to give your feedback to authors and help them write the book that you want to read. Leanpub publishing is somewhat similar to running a crowdfunding campaign for the book, but with an essential difference. Unlike crowdfunding where you pay now and wait for months to receive your product, by purchasing a Leanpub book you get to immediately read the parts that are finished now and all the subsequent updates you get for free, immediately as the author uploads them. Early book buyers get the biggest discount on Leanpub.

The book is still not professionally edited and that’s why it’s discounted. When we finish the book, the expected price will be $49.

Buy The Book Now

Click the image to learn more about the book:

Recurring Revenue for Web Agencies: The Book

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